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Changes to Slovenia’s COVID Red & Green Lists, 7 August

Slovenia has added Belgium and several other countries to its red list of countries, which signals high risk in terms of coronavirus contagion. The Czech Republic, Malta, Switzerland and three Spanish administrative units have been meanwhile removed from the green list of safe countries and demoted to yellow.


The changes were made by the government last night, effective immediately.

Apart from Belgium, Saint Martin, Equatorial Guinea, the Faroe Islands and Namibia are now on the red list as well, meaning arrival from these countries entails a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Currently, the red list features 58 countries.

A number of countries have been upgraded from the red list to the yellow list – Belorussia, Algeria, Ecuador and Spanish administrative unit Valencia.

Meanwhile, the Spanish administrative units that have been demoted to the yellow list are the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, and Castile and Leon.

Persons with permanent or temporary residence in countries on the green list or persons arriving from those countries can enter Slovenia without restrictions or a mandatory quarantine.

From yellow-listed countries entry without the need to self-isolate is granted to Slovenian citizens and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in Slovenia if they submit a proof (such as an invoice for the accommodation or property ownership certificate) that they have not come from a red-listed country. If they cannot produce such a proof they are ordered to self-isolate for 14 days.

Arrivals from red-listed countries regardless of citizenship and those who have temporary or permanent residence in those countries are also subject to a mandatory two-week quarantine or isolation, except for several exceptions, including transit and international transport.

Moreover, the government decided at yesterday’s correspondence session that restrictions on public gatherings remain in force due to coronavirus concerns.

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